MorrisonElectronics Cyrstal Aroma Diffuser


MorrisonElectronics Crystal Aroma Diffuser for Essential Oils, Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier 4 Timers Color Changing Lights Auto-Off, Dark

  • 300ml Capacity with Powerful Mist: This 300ml diffuser is upgraded with powerful mist output. It is strong enough even in weak mode to provide rapid humidifaction.
  • 4 Timer Settings & Color Changing LED Lights: timer is optional from ON/1H/2H/3H. All functions stop working when time is up. Light can be set in color changing/one color fixed/bright/dim/off modes. Each color is a feast to the eyes against the transparent outer shell.
  • Whisper-Quiet & Waterless Shut-off: Designed with noise eliminating cover and safe auto off system, this diffuser will run without disturbing noises and shut off automatically when water runs out.
  • BPA Free & Easy to Plug and Unplug: Made of superior safe material. Hassle-free power jack is designed by the side instead of at the bottom for easy use.
  • Right Amount of Water for Stronger Mist: Please add water lower than the MAX line to achieve larger mist, for water exceed the MAX line may result in no or low mist.


Capacity 300ml
Adjustable Mist
Timer Setting
Material Type Finest PP
Auto-off Function
Special Features Large Capacity


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